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New Mexico

Stalactites, Black Cave, Lincoln National Forest

Stalactites, Black Cave

The Klansman, New Cave, Carlsbad Caverns N.P.

Klansman NC

Aragonite, Endless Cave, BLM

Aragonite, Endless Cave

Lake of the Clouds, Carlsbad Caverns N.P.

Lake of the Clouds, CACA

Almost a column, New Cave, Carlsbad Caverns N.P.

Almost a column, NC

The Tear Drop, New Cave, Carlsbad Caverns N.P.

The Tear Drop, NC

Hall of Giants, Carlsbad Caverns N.P.

Hall of Giants CACA

by Ann & David Cordero
These pictures were taken in
Carlsbad Caverns
New Cave (Slaughter Canyon Cave)
Black Cave and Endless Cave
All are in the Guadalupe Mountains of
southeastern New Mexico

Cave Softly
"Leave only carefully-placed footprints, Take only pictures and Kill only time"

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David Cordero